Thursday, February 01, 2007

Definition of Lame

Hubs and I rented Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom a co-op RPG for the PS3 this week. Last night, we sat down to create our characters and start the game. First, I was miffed that the warrior class only had a male character available, so expressing my inner crabbiness at the lack of female characters, I named him "Bitch Tits". However, anytime my character's name was on screen it was a censored out garble of symbols. Censoring mild curse words on a game rated "T" for ages 13 and up. *insert eyeroll here*

However, on Viva Pinata, a game approved for all ages for the Xbox 360, has allowed me to name my pinatas and stupid helpers very colorful names - Dipshit the Watering Helper, Dumbass the Harvesting Helper, and a herd of horse pinatas all named a variant of "ass".

Clearly, XBox 360 is winning the next-gen console war in the "No Lame Censoring" category.


Phollower said...

It seems especially silly to censor words that you typed in yourself. I mean, clearly you already knew that word or you couldn't have typed it. Maybe they figure that if only you can't see that nasty word on the screen all the time you'll forget it. And name your next character "Skanky Whore Snatch".