Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Good Mail Day

I received a call from my grandma this afternoon; her surprise birthday socks I mailed last Tuesday arrived safely at her house today. Both of us and my mom were convinced that their vile neighbors nabbed her socks and were wearing them. I even started an emergency back-up pair of socks to send to her if the first pair were lost in transit.

I returned home to a big surprise sitting on our snowy front porch, a package from my Knitty Secret Pal. My SP is fabulous!!! Look at the pretties!

A very cute card, Spring '06 issue of IW Knits magazine, Favorite Socks with 25 sock patterns from IW Knits, a chocolate/mocha bar, Gold Mine bubblegum, bath fizzies (I love bath fizzies!!), and a wee pack of Nutella. (Which as I was writing this post, Bandit STOLE and ATE my Nutella, the little ass!)

Look Bandit, this is for you, but not my Nutella!

Bandit decimating his cookie; he LOVED it!

Oh, and what's this?

Wildfoote Sock Yarn in "Symphony" Very soft and beautiful colors!

Thank you very, very much Fab4Lkmanitou!! :)