Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Boo for DST

I've lived my entire life in a state that's never sprung forward on DST during my lifetime until last year. Losing an hour of sleep doesn't feel any better this year, either. Yuck. Only two benefits to DST that I can see, later hours for dog parks that close at dusk, and later sunsets so I can take yarn pics with waning sunshine.

Cherry Tree Hill Potluck sock yarn from Windsor Button

Progress on Hubs' Socks
Using Madder Rib pattern over 80 stitches

Elegant Ribbed Stockings
Looking very unelegant covered in dog fur

That's better.
Pardon my pasty calf; I'm semi-translucent this time of year.


Phollower said...

What the hell is that white thing that your 1/2 sock is around? Oh. My. God. That's your leg? Has it ever seen the sun?

lkmanitou said...

What is this sun you speak of? It burns pasty people like me, right? I like to think of it as a gamer's tan. :)