Friday, March 23, 2007

Springy SP Package

Big thanks going out to Fab4LkManitou! I received my March SP box when I got home last night. Oh, it's a good one :)

Wonderful SP Goodies

From the uh...left back to the right, beautiful spring card with R2D2 action figure made by Fab4's son (too cute!!!), wool wash, Lantern Moon bee measuring tape (!!), sheepy Pez dispenser, Silly Putty, crochet hook (for grabbing those pesky dropped stitches), Silly String, and FOUR needle sizer and gauge checkers. In front, there's a little bag of caramels (yum!), and a huge skein of laceweight yarn. The yarn is Baruffa and is made of the softest merino wool in an olive green colorway. SP, you sure know what colors look good with red hair. :) I'll be perusing Arctic Lace and Victorian Lace Today to find a lace project worthy of this yarn. Thank you very much for the package; I loved it and it really brightened up a crummy, dreary day!


fab4lkmanitou said...

Yay and yay! I'm glad it got there safe, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!