Saturday, March 03, 2007

Boston Bound

Tomorrow morning, long before my usual weekend waking-up time of noon, I'll be on a plane bound for a business conference in Boston. I'm a bit uneasy; this will be my first flight since I was 17 and my first solo trip. The more I talk with folks that are more travelled than me, the more I realize that I should be traveling with one of those "Unaccompanied Minor" signs hanging around my neck to excuse my stupidity. I had no clue that baggage can be checked with the hotel prior to checking yourself into the hotel, that the maids should be tipped to get better service, and that taxis line-up at airports to pick up travellers. I feel like such a newb! On the other hand, I'm very excited to have to opportunity to learn all about new technologies and trends. :)

My schedule will be really packed with seminars, exhibits, informational sessions, and schmoozing events. I do have a little chunk of time to visit the surrounding area though and meet up with Kris'Aunt Samantha for dinner. Within a few blocks of the hotel are two local yarn stores and a Lush store.

I'm dragging Kris' laptop computer and a digital camera with me, so I do hope to squeeze in some blog posts and pics while I'm gone.