Monday, March 05, 2007

Day Two: Now With 100% More Vertigo

1 Flat-Land Dweller + 2 Flights at 35,000 feet + 1 Hotel Room on 20th Floor = 1 Awful Case of Vertigo

I now sing the praises of Bonine anti-nausea, motion sickness medicine.


Zoe said...

Seriously? I've never known anyone who really had vertigo. That's too bad.

Phollower said...

You are totally gonna have to actually SING the praises when you get home. C'mon, if Michizzle can have a Bean Game song...

lkmanitou said...


This is the second time I've had vertigo. It's completely sucked both times - I don't recommend it.


Count on it being a slow jam/ballad because that stuff saved me yesterday!