Monday, March 12, 2007

Boston: There and Back Again

I'm all settled back into regular life here in Indiana. The trip home was much less dramatic and nauseating as the trip to Boston. Though I did find the irony in the fact that the airline was having data integration problems with a new system as I was coming home from a data management conference.

Thursday night was great. I met up with some Boston Knitties, ZantiMissKnits, Stariel, and Caflygrl for a yarn crawl around Boston. It was bitterly, coat piercing cold, but it was great fun to see several LYSes, Lush, and have dinner at Trident. Pics of the potluck Cherry Tree Hill yarn I picked up at Windsor Button will be coming this week.

This weekend was crazy busy, too. My mom and Chelsea came to visit Friday night and Saturday. Chelsea attended a girls' conference for careers in technology, science, and math. I was so happy that she was very enthusiastic about what she learned when we picked her up Saturday afternoon. Hopefully, getting her exposed to the sciences this early, she'll have a good base know what courses to take in high school and college.

I've tried knitting since I got back, but I seem to have misplaced my knitting mojo. Within 7 stitches of picking up the North Star Scarf, I frakked it up. *grumble* I unknit more than I knitted on the Elegant Ribbed Stockings. I did successfully work on Hubs' socks while on the plane though. I'll give it a try tonight over a few episodes of Rome to see if my knitting mojo can be found.


fab4lkmanitou said...

Well hopefully I can spark your mojo. I just need a few little bitty things and a package will be en route!