Monday, February 27, 2006


DNA Progress: At the one foot mark

Not much knitting was done over the weekend since my little sister visited. I did manage to put in a repeat and a half in the DNA scarf though. As I've gotten more comfortable with the pattern, I'm noticing a few goofs earlier in the cable pattern. I'm calling these natural mutations and letting them be :)

I think I have found the perfect yarn for knitting around pets who shed white, brown, and black hairs, Knitpicks heathered Mystery color. Can't tell if its a nice heathery bit of alpaca yarn or a piece of dog fur. I need a nice coat out of this stuff!

As you can see in the planned projects section, the pattern for the baby blanket has FINALLY came into the local yarn store. Only took 6 weeks *grumbles* I also have sock yarn on the way for two pairs of socks for Hubs and myself. I'll also be knitting a set of fingerless mittens with a thumb gusset for my mom. I finally got around to giving her the set of Irish Hiking fingerless gloves this weekend. She loved the design, and they helped keep heat in for arthritis joint pain.

Mommy, there's an extra base pair on that


Loki said...

Call me geeky, but I"m laughing my ass off at the DNA humor.

NanaB said...

I love the humor as well. Any chance you might bring that into work one day? I would love to see the detail up close.