Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Appropriately named holiday weekend for me; I was able to knit less than a fourth of the time that I had hoped. For the majority of my five-day weekend, I was laid up with a bad bout of bronchitis. Stupid crappy immune system....

The other part of the holiday break was taken up with painting - ugh!

Stupid shed that soaked up nearly 1.5 gallons of paint...

Even stupider, ridiculously heavy, abandoned doghouse. This is as close as Bandit ever gets to it. Pampered pooch.

Last Wednesday on our wedding anniversary, we received a rather terse letter from the local homeowner's association about our unpainted "outbuilding" being a violation. Meh, guess my noveau rustic look because we hate painting and procrastinated for two years didn't fly. Yes, our yard does seem to grow weeds quite well, but grass, not so much.

Eventually, medicine head and paint covered hands aside, I was able to get a few repeats done on the Kimono shawl.

Surely, I can't be the only knit blogger to use my Beatles throw as a background for contrast :)

Up close and too personal, nevermind the red lifeline :)

I have a very bad feeling that I'm going to run out of yarn on this project. *sigh*


The Dwarf said...

Wow - that shawl is fantastic!

lkmanitou said...

Thanks! I still have a lot more to do on it, but I'm finally seeing the pattern emerging. :)