Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Birthday and Such

Today is Hub's 28th birthday. Not too much celebrating was had since we're still a bit groggy following the looooong road trip yesterday and due to the fact that I have no patience for keeping presents from him. He's had his birthday iPod since the second or third week of September, and he received an FM transmitter for it today. :) We also met up with my dad and stepmom for hers and Kris' birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Yummeh!

When I asked for a birthday photo-op, all I received in reply was "You have plenty of pictures of me all ready." So I snapped a pic of the back of his head doing some beta testing this evening.

Back of birthday boy's head

This afternoon, we finally were able to pick Bandit up from the kennel. After giving the kennel owner Bandit's name, we were waiting for someone to bring him out to us. After a minute or so, we heard a loud THUD on a door and said "That's gotta be Bandit". Is it odd that we can recognize the slamming noise of our poochie-pie jumping up on a door?

Bandit was as receptive as his father to the camera tonight *sigh*

He was due some spoilage, so I just had to buy him a little devil head squeaky toy in addition to the cookies from Day's Bakery that we brought from Honesdale.

"The devil made me to it, Mom"

Bandit giving the devil hell

Trip pics and wrap-up will be forthcoming later on in the week. I'm trying to Photoshop a few pics and use Flickr, but they both keep barfing tonight. Fiber related content is coming soon, too!


Knit Mongrel said...

Bandit is adorable. :) And I totally know my dogs' thumps... but they tend to be the ones sliding into the doors anyway. Happy birthday to your man!

Jacqueline Knotts said...

Happy Birthday to Kris... You know, either I'm cutting Marcus' hair shorter these days, or Kris' hair is getting longer, because they look identical from the back, looking at that picture. :) It's like they're brothers, or something...

Spooky SP said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! I'm happy to read you had a good road trip. Your dog is so cute and huggable!

I wanted to let you know that I sent package numnber 2 out today and #3 will be out later this week, just in time for Halloween.

Have a spooky week!