Sunday, October 29, 2006

Spooky SP Strikes Again!

Hubs greeted me yesterday morning with a package from my Spooky Secret Pal. Wow, what a haul, too!

Most of the Haul Plus...

New Halloween-Themed Knitting Bag

Spooky SP sent me a set of fall-themed gel window clings, a multi-colored pen with a black cat on it, a cute skully Pez dispenser, blocking pins, skully stitch markers, M&Ms, Twizzlers, and another fab card.

There were also FOUR beautiful hanks of Knitpicks lace weight yarn in my package. Two skeins of Shadow in Jewels colorway, a skein of Shimmer in Morning Mist colorway, and a skein of Alpaca Cloud in Horizon. The Alpaca Cloud is sooooo soft and pettable :) *swoon*

Two skeins of heathery Shadow

Zoomed in view of the Shadow

Close-up of the skein of Shimmer

Close-up of the delicate blue colors in the skein of Alpaca Cloud

Skull stitch markers, I can't wait to use these!!

Gorgeous card from my Spooky SP

Ok, consider me dense if I didn't get any hints at your identity, but who are you Spooky SP? :) Thank you VERY VERY much for your spoilage of me these past few weeks; you're a fab SP!


Jessica said...

Sweet! You got an awesome SP. WOo HOo!!! :)

Darwinia said...

Is this where I am supposed to come out of the spooky closet? My apologies for not coming out sooner (I had a disastrous computer crash recently) or in a more clever way (I couldn't think of anything good). I am glad that you enjoyed everything! Thank you for all of the kind words and gratitude. This was a lot of fun!

Take care, and see you around the knitty threads!!!