Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tales from the Road

We're back home again in Indiana. (Yes, too little sleep makes me quote corny songs!) Quick highlights tonight from the road, more tales later after mucho sleep.

Best Bumper Sticker Sighting: "I'm only speeding because I really have to poop." Potty humor gets my vote every time :)

Most Annoying Road Hazard: A convoy of 5 charter bus, 6 Indiana State trooper cars, and 2 sedans going under the speed limit in the fast lane for a huge stretch of highway around Dayton, Ohio today. As we finally passed them, we found what ranks such a high security patrol, the IU football team. :-/

Best Breakfast Stop: JP's Family Restaurant in Waymart, PA. We stop there every year for breakfast on the trip home.

Scariest Driving Moment: Going through the tunnels under mountains on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I felt like I was playing Gran Turismo. Then, I remembered how the electronic car I drove in that game always pinged off the sides of tunnels rapidly.

Iron Buttcheeks Award: Given to the license plates I saw from the furthest states. All these were spotted while in Pennsylvania - Oregon, New Mexico, and California. I will not complain about a ~700 mile drive ever again.