Monday, October 02, 2006

Fishers Yarn Faire

Ok, technically, it wasn't a yarn fair. This past weekend was the Fishers Renaissance Faire. But, within three booths of entering, I spotted handspun for sale!

Purple Handspun Wool

Unfortunately, a bit sun bleached :(

I see yarn, I buy yarn. No questions asked. :) I bought 94 yards of worsted to bulky weight handspun. No idea what it will become.

A few booths later, I spotted Ursula's Alcove. Chok full of yarn (including tons of Zephyr!), textile books, patterns, and the like. But tucked away far in the back of the tent was something exquisite. Handspun camel yarn. Granted, one huge skein was around $200, but very pettable.

I spent a decent chunk of time at the renaissance textile demonstration area. Saw some beautifully naturally dyed yarns, more handspun, netting, and bobbin lace. I tried my hand at a wee bit of bobbin lace, but that required that I knew my left from my right. I was rather the class dunce.

As we were ending the day, we stopped back at Ursula's Alcove with the camel yarn whispering my name. I gave a small skein a new home :)

Extreme Close-up

Whole enchilada

It's 100 grams of handspun, non-dyed camel yarn from Mongolia. Again, no clue what I'll make with it. For the mean time, I shall love it, and pet it, and call it George.


KnitMongrel said...

Oh, George. I think I'm in love with thee. :)

Great pictures - thanks for making me drool!

Spooky SP said...

I'm coveting George, as well. What a great find! And-it's not as if you had a choice...this was a very necessary purchase. How is the afghan coming? It's such a cool pattern.

Have a great day!
-Your Spooky Secret Pal

lkmanitou said...

Spooky SP,

Oh, the Saffron Cables afghan has been sitting around for a week waiting on me to not be drop dead tired after work. I need a fairly quiet environment and be cognizant to read charts, and that's just not been the case this past week. I'm really hoping to get back to it this weekend. I've only completed the first two charted rows, such a slacker I am :)