Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Knitting Dunce

That's how I've felt for the past few days. I didn't follow directions, so I've placed the proverbial pointy hat on my head and sent myself in the corner. As identified by my grade school teachers long ago, I haphazardly breeze through driections unless a task challenges me. My second go around with the Clapotis pattern is a textbook example of my stubbornness regarding my skimming of directions. For reference....

See the glaring mistake in the almost finished Clappy?

That solid section that the arrow's pointing to is supposed to have dropped stitches like the rest of the pattern. Crap!!

After scrutinizing the pattern for hours Sunday night trying to work out how the dropped stitches were supposed to miraculously appear, I finally carefully read the decrease section directions. There it calls for 2 dropped stitches per repeat and not the 1 per repeat that I did. Heartsick with the realization that I'd royally screwed it up, I had very fitful sleep.

My two choices to fic it are to rip out the whole blasted thing and start over from scratch or...cut the dropped stitches after it's finished being knitted. I hope I have the mental and physical fortitude to cut my knitting again after my last disasterous attempt.

In other news, Kris and I went shopping last night. Our intentions were to get Kris a new game with a gift card. Instead, we walked out of Best Buy with two video games for Kris and a new cell phone for me. Mine's been dying a slow death for the past 6 months or so as it decided to not charge normally. Charging a cell phone shouldn't include a heavy KitchenAid mixer and my purse as a counter balance. I was completely sold on the model on its branding along, and it was a really good deal, too. Now, it wasn't the cute pink color, I fell for the brand name, Katana.

Meet Rose the Katana (as in Rose Tyler from Dr Who!)


Zoe said...


Trillian42 said...

Well, however you decide to finish it, the Clapotis is going to be lovely.

And I have a Katana in blue! I loooove it!

Phollower said...

I had Clapotis back in college. A little penicilin cleared it up though.

lkmanitou said...

Zoe: Yes, it is very schweet :)

Trillian: Thanks for the words of encouragement. :) I did finish the knitting portion late last night and have snipped it a few times to release the dropped stitches.

Phollower: Yeah, it does sound like an STD, doesn't it? This is less oozy and itchy though I'd imagine.