Monday, October 09, 2006

Wooo for Weekend Knitting!

This past weekend held quite a few hours of knitting for me. Even if they weren't exactly normal circumstances to knit under. Clapotis 2.0 came with me to take care of my college roomie, Mary, after she had her wisdom teeth removed. It also saw some happier less painful knitting hours at a barbecue on Saturday.

Over half-way through Clapotis 2.0!

Close-up of dropped stitches

Sunday, Kris was off playing paintball with his SCA house all day. Granted, most of my day was spent with laundry, cleaning my hut-mobile for our road trip this weekend, and various housework. All work, no knit makes Christina a dull blogger though. In the afternoon, I set Joseph Arthur's CD, Nuclear Daydream, on repeat and dug out the Saffron Cables afghan. I only got through 7 rows of the cable charts, but definitely visible progress!

Up to row 11 on Saffron Cables charts

Zoomed in a bit, pay no attention to the doghouse roof background :)

On a seperate note, I announced this evening on my personal blog, Knotts Burrow, that I won't be updating it any longer. Too many time constraints to keep up with multiple blogs. So, be prepared for occasional jaunts into the non-knitting topics on this blog :)


Knit Mongrel said...

Hey - jaunt away! I'm looking forward to your non-knitting stuff. :)

Totally coveting your Saffron, by the way, and the patience you must need to knit it. It's fantastic.

Zoe said...

How much for the legs?

lkmanitou said...

She said they're not for sale!

So close, Zoe! I was listening to BP's debut on "Honey and the Moon" when I got this comment. Only a few tracks behind my playlist :)

The Joseph Arthur concert gets its own post later this week.

Zoe said...

Everything's for sale. What if I gave you a thousand dollars? would they be for sale then?

Wow, he gets his own post from you. I'm so glad you liked the show.