Monday, January 01, 2007

2007: The Year of Karmic Balance

If today is an indication of how 2007 will progress, it will be a year of karmic balance. Hubs was awakened early this morning by Bandit wanting to go outside. He let Bandit out on a leash, noted that his paws weren't muddy, and proceeded to let Bandit off the leash. Bandit pounced right back into our bed, exactly on Hubs' side of the bed and settled in. As he did so, he smeared crap that was stuck between his toes on our sheets and comforter. :-/ Luckily, Hubs smelled it before laying back down. A few minutes of cleaning toes and starting a few loads of laundry later, all was well. What a shitty start to 2007! (Bad pun completely intentional.)

PS3 we picked up today and Hubs' Christmas present from me, an XBox 360.

After cleaning up the disaster area formerly known as our bed, we headed out for some light shopping this afternoon. My favorite local yarn store is having a big sale today, so I dropped Hubs off at Best Buy and started off for Westfield. Hubs called me a few minutes later, Best Buy had PS3s in stock. Needless to say, my yarn shopping was quickly canceled, and Hubs is in the living room hooking up our new toy.

Happy 2007 to One and All!