Monday, January 22, 2007

In Memoriam

I am constantly amazed by the relationships with others that I have forged online. Nowhere have I felt more at ease than with my guild, Immortal Crusaders, in the online game, Dark Age of Camelot. I have not logged into the game for well over a year; yet, I maintained a pulsepoint on the comings and goings of the IC family through our guild's message boards.

We received the news today that one of the members of our little online family has untimely passed away. Though we never met him in person, we're still very saddened, especially for his family's loss.

Farewell, D. You are sorely missed. :(


Zoe said...

Online friendships are an interesting thing and I've often wondered if anyone would notice if one of our online friends passed away. Sorry to hear about your friend.