Monday, January 29, 2007

The Lost Weekend

Looking back on this past weekend, all I remember was a lot of episodes of CSI and lots of knitting. Stressful week demands that I have a weekend to unwind, and that's exactly what I did for three days.

First off, I finished a pair of socks. I really tried to get these two socks to match up perfectly, but wasn't as lucky as my last attempt with self-striping yarn. Ssshhhh...these are a present that will be going in the mail tomorrow.

Plain ol' stockinette almost-matching socks

I realized Saturday night that I have a sock addiction. As soon as I kitchener stitched the second toe shut on the previous pair of socks, I casted on a new pair. Stitcking with the general grumpy, stressed-out mood I was in last week, I chose the Madder Ribbed socks from Knitting Vintage Socks. I'm using my new Lantern Moon DPNs on these and am enjoying them quite a lot. Definitely grippier than the Crystal Palace DPNs though.

Grrr.....Madder Socks

Sunday, I reserved a big chunk of time for knitting for me, myself, and I. Since it was 12° outside, the motivation for knitting a thin lacy scarf wasn't there for me. However, I did resurrect my Saffron Cables Afghan from the depths of the WIP basket. It was definitely bulky weight wooly afghan weather, and I was able to crank out 10 new rows of knitting until my hands felt like they were falling off.

Ready for Row 25, only a bajillionty left!

MMMMM...cabley goodness


Phollower said...

I love when you say "bajillionty". Almost as much as Sylvia loves "elsewise".