Friday, January 19, 2007

From the Book Friday: Fessin' Up

This week's From the Book Friday prompts me to fess up to one of my shortcomings. (No, this post will not be about my relative lack of height...)

One of my biggest shortcomings is my inability to keep any vegetation alive. Apart from the funky pink mold noodles I grew in the fridge over the course of two months. No signs of a green thumb can be found on me, not even a green pinky or toe. I affectionately blame my routine killing of plants in my care on my Thumb of Death.

New hearty poinsettias, 20 year old cacti, and most of the lawn have all fallen victim to the Thumb of Death. It changes its preferred manner of attack on a random basis - killing it with kindness, neglect, overwatering, incorrect sunlight. I vowed my freshman year of college to keep a poinsettia alive beyond the month of December. I named it George and even took it home over Christmas vacation with me. (Looking back, I really needed a pet of some sort through college.) One sunny post-Christmas day, I set George on the enclosed backporch to catch some rays. And forgot about him until hours later. George was frozen, damn.

Again, I'm tempting fate with a mountain laurell my mom brought back from Pennsylvania in November. It's transplanted to our front lawn area (taking the spot of Bandit's beloved dead pee bush) and is hibernating in a flake of hay and a burlap sack. Hiding it is, from my dreaded thumb of plant doom!


Anonymous said...

I also have the "thumb of death". In fact, as I read through your SP8 questionnaire, it was downright spooky how much we have in common. Now I just have to choose a secret identity, and a secret e-mail handle, and a secret avatar...

This is gonna be fun!

Phollower said...

Wow, you have Thumb of Death? That's like a 5th level Necromancy spell. You're more powerful than I thought. More evil too. I knew about the short part already. I mean, vertical challenge.

lkmanitou said...

Anony Mous,

*squee!* I've been claimed and I've claimed my downstream, too. This is my first full-length SP round; it's lots of fun so far!


*points to the disclaimer at the beginning of the Players' Handbook* It's all a ruse to hide my slaughtering of innocent plant life. I'll have you know, I'm tall for my dad's side of the family :)