Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Making Headway

I started working on my New Year's resolution to get organized this weekend. My poor knitting supplies were strewn all around the house, and I couldn't find where I hid them all. Saturday, Kris, Chelsea, and I hit Bed, Bath, and Beyond looking at different storage options, and we hit the jackpot.

Needle and Miscellaneous Storage: WIPs in top basket, needles in top drawer, patterns and other tools in second drawer, and leftover yarn on bottom.

Cedar and Canvas Sweater Storage: Afghan yarn on top, miscellaneous worsted weight on next shelf, crammed sock yarn on third shelf, hand spun on fourth, lace on fifth, and stuff I'll never use on bottom.

My next organization project will be the bookshelf in the spare bedroom. Hopefully by putting the fake pumpkins in storage and chucking long dead VCRs I can make room for my knitting books.

I've also made progress on the second set of socks for my mom. The first sock is finished and the second is on the needles.

Finished the first sock Saturday night during a Ghosthunters DVD marathon

I stopped by a LYS tonight after work intending to get a second set of Crystal Palace DPNs. Unfortunately, they didn't have any of the size I wanted in stock. Instead, I bought a set of Lantern Moon rosewood DPNs in the size I wanted (at over double the price.

Aren't they purty?

Some sock yarn decided to follow me home. Lana Grossa self striping, same type of yarn as the pair I'm currently making.

It followed me home. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

This shot shows the true colors. Think these will be for a pair of socks for my grandmother's birthday at the end of this month. Belated of course. :-/