Thursday, January 11, 2007


Er, backblog. Thus far, I'm falling quite behind on my blogging goals for 2007. Unfortunately, that's on par with the rest of my life this year. As of this week, I am:

  • Out of my migraine preventative meds. My head reminded me of that fact on Monday to keep better tabs on the number of remaining refills I have.

  • Around 800 miles overdue for an oil change. Trip out to Pennsylvania in November added miles I had almost forgotten. It goes in tomorrow though.

  • Still in a Christmas-y house. After New Years finishes, I find our Christmas decorations get very stale. Hopefully, this weekend the tree will be put back into storage.

  • Remaining a weakling with lifting restrictions post-surgery. I can't wait till the weight lifting restriction is lifted next Tuesday, and I can get started on my organizing goals for 2007.

  • Have all my blogs on old Blogger. Can't wait to get these moved over to the new Blogger and use labels.

  • Furiously finishing Christmas knitting. I'm a horrible granddaughter; Grandpop's socks are still on my needles and not finished. I have one completed and the other is almost to the toe. Saturday should be the big mailing date depending on my pattern reading skills.

Photographic Evidence of My Slow-Ass Progress. Kindly ignore the added dog fur.

  • I've kept a busy social calendar. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend starting tomorrow though! Granted, it will be spent deChristmasing our house.

  • We have a clean house. Though I'm starting to chomp at the bit to get stuff organized.

  • In Viva Pinata, I have a level 30 Gardener and have unlocked 28 in game achievements. I think these in-game state are directly correlated with my increased number of delayed to-do tasks.

I truly feel the need to buckle down and get started on 2007.