Sunday, January 08, 2006

Beauty, Thy Name is Ballwinder


Its amazing how the little things in life can make it so much easier. Over Thanksgiving, I attempted to make my first center pull ball from a hank of cotton yarn. Six hours and much cursing later, I had two partial balls wound as it had tangled into a spaghetti-like mess within minutes of me starting. Ever since, I've been avoiding buying hanks, but not anymore!

Armed with my remaining Christmas money, I went to the newest yarn store in Indy (NEW YARN STORE!!), Knit Stop. I loved it there, very cozy environment for knitting, three dogs roaming about, and a wonderful selection of yarns with clearly marked prices on each skein.

After picking up a skein of Cascade Pastaza for Felting Friday with my mom this week, I found, on the shelf, ballwinders for sale. Be still my heart, I had to have one.

Within minutes of getting home, I unwound the hank of Cascade, draped it around my neck, and wound up the hank. My dog, Bandit, approved of the llama and wool blend by constantly rubbing his head against the hank as it dangled from my neck. Guess the next knitting notion I should buy is a swift!