Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wavy Scarf: Day 2

Wavy progress in funny overhead light, natural lighting just isn't a possibility after 6pm in the winter here

I'm 12 rows into my second of nine pattern repeats on my Wavy scarf. Yep, that's right, I'm knitting for me! :) I did this pattern as part of my Christmas knitting barrage and enjoyed it alot, even though I did do my first one in black yarn. *shudder* My eyes are still strained from that one!

My cable needles must be getting jealous of all the attention Wavy has been receiving. This morning, I opened the driver-side door to my SUV, and on the seat lay one of my long lost cable needles. It went missing last Thursday night; luckily, I found my other lost cable needle under my bed that night. Now, I'm not sure if the oil change guys found the needle somewhere in my vehicle last night and just left it on my seat or if I've had a cable needle somehow stuck to my clothes for nearly a week. If more cable needles catch me unaware like that, I may be forced to cast on a new project with cables.

Vital Wavy Stats: Cascade 220 colorway 9434 knitted on US7 birch needles (which are being dyed by the yarn!)

Wavy all washed out in the flash


Nicole said...

Wow, that's a terrific color, too!

LOL at your cable needle. I wonder if I checked in your car, if I would find my missing tape measure? hehe, it's my favorite one-the sheep-and it's been missing for two days now!!!

lkmanitou said...

You know, if you tried using another tape measure and made your sheepy one jealous, it may show up in my car. Maybe I've found the end of some strange blackhole for all lost and now jealous knitting notions. I'll be looking for several dozen rubber point protectors to show up on my seat tomorrow morning...