Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Glad I Didn't Burn It Now

With a title like that, it could only refer to actual progress on Cozy!

Cozy Progress

I've made some actual headway on my Cozy. Tonight, I finished my second repeat of the feather pattern. *flexes* And, boy, can my fingers tell; they kind of feel a bit numb and rubbery at the moment. Fun typing!

I found that I can knit this pattern. I just need nearly complete silence and no distractions to concentrate only on the stitches and counting them. In college, I needed a lot less concentration to study for finals!! I must have knitting ADD...knit, purl, knit, OH look what's on CSI! Tonight, I sat in the blaring light over the dining room table, clicked on Big Band music on the satellite, and thought long and hard over some Cozy knitting. Knitting while listening to Big Band, that doesn't make me old does it?

Stitch close-up: It will need to be blocked within an inch of its life! And, no, the yarn isn't sparkly.

At the rate of two pattern repeats in a little under a week, I think it was wise of me to set a goal of Mother's Day on this project!


Whit said...

Looking beautiful!

Hey, I'd love it if you'd come join my Olympic Team - Team DPN!!



Nicole said...

Hey, that looks really nice. I'm doing mine in a grey, but I'm thinking that the stitch pattern pops out a lot more with the color you chose.