Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sock DNA?

So, I'm curious to see if the ability to knit socks is genetic. I asked myself that question last night while on the phone to my mom. Even though I'm sure Mom's tired of hearing me go on and on about yarn and knitting and projects I want to do, I was telling her how excited I am to be taking a sock knitting class next Saturday. I then heard the story of my grandma's preferred knitting projects - socks!

My grandma sounded like quite an avid sock knitter; however, she never got the hang of turning heels. She'd knit the sock to the heel, take the socks to her friend, have her friend knit the heel, and finished the socks herself.

Let me just relay my horror that my very craft skilled grandma never got the hang of turning heels, and now I'm going to be attempting it in a week and a half. I may want to have lots of chocolate on hand for the Knitting Olympics since I wanted to challenge myself by knitting my first pair of socks. Let's just hope that the heel turning gene doens't work against me!



Nicole said...

OOOOH, socks. Welcome to the dark side!

You know, I've never had a problem getting a heel turned-most patterns make that part fairly easy.

The part about knitting a sock that really gets my goat though, is picking up the stitches for the gusset. I don't know why, but I always seem to end up with ugly gaps when I'm done that irritate me.

Good luck on your class, I look forward to hearing how it goes!