Friday, January 27, 2006

Irish Hiking Fingerless Gloves: DONE!

My cable needles were stalking me and came out of hiding. I had to oblige by making more cabled knits :)

Irish Hiking Fingerless Gloves and Wee Ipod Sock

I'd show a pic of the fingerless gloves being worn, but, alas, these aren't destined for my big mits. These will be for my 11 year-old sister and her ipod nano named "Yoda-pod". (I have to help hone any geeky tendencies in her, ya know!) Don't want to have the gloves stretched out to an unusable size for her as much as I'm tempted. Instead, oogle my knitted tubes as they're blocking!

In the spirit of trying to learn new things and expanding my knitting repertoire, I used the mattress stitch to "seamlessly" sew these up. Yep, I sewed; it wasn't pretty. After watching the free how-to video on and even more cursing and a lot more cursing, I finally got the nack of the mattress stitch. I enjoy knitting, now sewing! Thank God I bought a set of real finishing needles to replace my old blue plastic, snaggy Wal-mart specials!

Muhmuhmuhmuh-mattress Stitch! Surely, I'm not the only one who's ever played Unreal Tournament :)

Irish Hiking Fingerless Gloves Stats: Knitted over two nights and finished on the third. Yarn was Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Winter Night, just under one skein. Knitted on my now green dyed US#7 birch needles. There are 6 full cable repeats in this version, mainly because I over did it a bit while watching CSI.


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Very Nice!