Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wavy Scarf: Day 4

Wavy Progress

I admit it; I'm a process knitter. I enjoy the process and with no pending deadlines, I drag my feet. Just like me to be a procrastinating knitter :) Since its been in the 50s here in Indiana, no real weather related pressures for me to finish my wooly scarf either. I did make some headway tonight during back to back episodes of CSI.

Wavy stats: Just started repeat 5 of 9, 36 inches long, almost a full skein of Cascade 220 is knitted up.

Up close and personal with the wavy ribbing

I really dig this pattern in this color. Reminds me of the lake; rolling bluey-greeny-brown water around a whole mess of boats. Now, that's a nice thought in the middle of winter :)