Sunday, January 15, 2006

Irish Hiking Scarf: Done!

Hubs & His Irish Hiking Scarf

I finished up the Irish Hiking Scarf for my Hubs tonight. Little bit over a week went into this project and lots of Battlestar Galatica episodes. *grin* Hubs is a really tall guy, so I made the scarf to be 72 inches in length so it can be worn doubled up and not fall off his shoulders.

I loved doing this pattern, and I will probably make another one soon! Next project to go on the needles will be a Wavy scarf for me and a set of Irish hiking fingerless gloves for my sister.

Awww...with eyes like those, must make more handknits for him!!


roddyb said...

You really used 5 skeins of Wool of the Andes? Yikes! I started an IHS for my very tall brother and only purchased 2 skeins of Cascade 220 which I thought was giving me extra; but I only have 440 yards and using size 7 needles. I didn't like it on the 8s. Yours, on the other hand, looks gorgeous! Hope your husband enjoys wearing it! I may have to place a Knitpicks order this week.

lkmanitou said...

Yep, I used a full 5 skeins of the Wool of the Andes. All 550 yards is gone!

Loki said...

Since I'd hate to take your nice knitting blog down into the gutter where my blog resides, I'll just say 550 YARDS!

lkmanitou said...

You know, somehow its all ready in the gutter. Upon reviewing my Statcounter information, I found that I had two references from a Spanish porn blog. o.O