Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Winter-Een-Mas Eve

Twas the night before Winter-Een-Mas and all through the house
All the controllers were charging, but not my mouse (it's not wireless)
The games were laid out with much care
In hopes that Winter-Een-Mas soon would be there.

Tomorrow evening, I'll celebrate my first Winter-Een-Mas. It's a week-long holiday dedicated to all the facets of gaming. I'm planning on playing some Viva Pinata, Oblivion, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Magic, and some board games. Let the games begin!


Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd jott a quick note to say Merry Winter-Een-Mas Eve. I did a google search remembering you had a blog (it was a random thought) and this was the first listed. I miss you girl. I know we haven't been in touch much and I see you've been through alot. I can't believe how old Chelsea is. She's looking more like you. I liked the band pics. Anyways, take care.