Tuesday, March 07, 2006

75% There

Office renovations are almost finished. I've moved all my office stuff back in and all the computers are set back up. I nearly started having the shakes after no internet connection at home since Saturday night!

Here's the nearly finished product; click the picture for an enlarged version pointing out the improvements yet to be made.

The paint we used was American Tradition from Lowe's in "shark loop". Love that name! The desks are from Office Max's Revolution set. New TV was the only one that would fit that was in stock in Best Buy last night. Tasks left to do will be to take the spare desk and couch away, set up my bright knitting light, and order a new couch. Prime knitting space :D

Speaking of knitting, I've made a bit of progress on the DNA scarf. Its to the middle ribbing. Half of the cable pattern is completed!

Half the DNA scarf watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire tonight

More knitting coming up this week!!


Loki said...

Wow! You guys work fast, no fooling around. It,'s hard to tell the color from the picture. Is it one solid color, or did you do a treatment? Love the new desk by the way. Is hubbies desk the same?

lkmanitou said...

There's no fooling around in the Knotts household when our computer usage is dependent upon finishing work. :)

It is one solid color, variations in the picture's color are from shadows or shine. Its a semi-gloss for ease of cleaning dog cruddies off the walls, so it reflects a bit from the camera flash. A more accurate color can be found here: Lowe's site Click "Virtual Painter", select a room, click "search for a color" and enter shark loop.

Yep, both desks are the same. With the two desks and filing cabinets, our computer work space takes up the whole 11 foot wall :D