Thursday, March 16, 2006

Secret to My Success

I finally learned the trick for me to successfully knit the Cozy shawl pattern. I had to knit something harder than it before I could do a simple lace pattern. Prior to knitting the DNA Scarf, it was taking me around 3-4 hours of quiet concentration to complete an 8 row repeat of Cozy with carrying a lifeline every other row. Heck, tonight I was able to rip out three repeats while watching CSI and some shows on HGTV. Looks like I should be able to finish it before Mother's Day now!!


Jacqueline Knotts said...

I didn't post a comment before, but I wanted to tell you that the scarf looks great!!! Did you use it today?!!? :)

lkmanitou said...

Nope, the DNA scarf was adopted this weekend and went to live in a new home :)