Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gettin' Cozy

Spring is in the air, and snow is on the ground. Indiana didn’t get the memo that spring starts today, and now our nice budding trees are buried in snow. At least I don’t feel guilty about knitting in weather like this!

Cozy grew a bit over the weekend. I’ve finally gotten into the groove of knitting it. Rather than hunching over the dining room table scrutinizing a web printout of the pattern, I set up my music stand by the couch in the office and wrote each pattern line on a separate piece of cardstock. Much better, well, as long as Bandit doesn’t battle me for the prime spot on the couch. Oh, and can I just say that the Knitpicks Andean Silk is WAY easier to knit with than the Andean Treasure? Not splitty at all! Cozy is now 14 over inches in length. Two skeins down, 7 more to go!

Bandit getting cozy with Cozy

Also on the needles are the Hub socks. I made a bit of progress on these Friday night while playing D&D, but frogged it after seeing that I didn’t like the stitch pattern. Let me just tell you how painful it was to rip out 5-6 rows of 90 stitches on teensy needles with twisty yarn. Gads!

Speaking of twisty yarn, I knitted something from stashed Cascade Superwash yarn over the past few nights. My mom lamented to me on the phone Sunday night that her Irish hiking fingerless gloves were starting to felt on the palms since she’s been wearing them so much. I told her that I’d knit another set for her to ease her concern for her beloved fingerless gloves. Mom likes to seam them herself, so here’s the “finished” product after a few hours of cussin’ at twisty, hard on the hands yarn. Luckily, after knitting two (now three) sets of wrist warmers, scarf, and three iPod cozies, the Irish Hiking pattern is embedded in my brain permanently.

Just nevermind the dog fur


Loki said...

You may have to teach me how to do this. I do love the cable knit stuff, especially if you call it Irish hiking(insert NOUN).

BTW, you've been tagged by my alter ego. Your 7 favorite songs please.

lkmanitou said...

If you're interested in learning, I'd be more than willing to lend a hand in starting you out. :)

Loki said...

Thats good, cause your hands are more talented.

Loki said...

At knitting, that is.