Monday, March 27, 2006

Spoiled Knitter

The last piece of the office makeover has been completed. Saturday night, Hubs and I ordered a new couch and end table to create my perfect knitting space. Big comfy couch, bright light for knitting by, and a place to set down my knitting if the urge to nap arises. I can't wait for the couch to be delivered; we've worked so hard on the office and just want to enjoy it now!

I was off work Friday and had no plans excluding an afternoon hair appointment. All afternoon and evening, I schlumped around the house wearing an oversized long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans with really fancy curled hair. All afternoon and evening, I was glued to the last few episodes of The L Word Season 1 and Battlestar Galactica Season 1 while knitting Hub's socks. After 6 or so hours, here's my progress on the first sock:

The Neverending Sock

Friday and Saturday night, I worked on Cozy. It grew considerably to 28 inches. After every 8 row repeat, I kept holding it up to the light to admire my handiwork. This is a beautiful pattern!

Length view

I'm ready for my close-up!

Any plans for knitting yesterday were thwarted by a migraine. instead of knitting, I slept and was very addle-brained. Eventually, I did pick up Hub's sock and knitted a few rows. Nothing major.

I'm toying with the idea of posting weekly reviews of knitting notions, books, yarn, and the like. Stay tuned and perhaps I'll start this week :)


The Dwarf said...

That white scarf? is beautiful! Hubs socks look like they will take forever!

lkmanitou said...
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lkmanitou said...

Thanks! It's a light blue shawl/wrap. I can't take pics of my knitting for crap!

Loki said...

I see that blogger ate my comment, so let's try this again. WOW! I'm so impressed by the shawl. You have a lot more patience than I do.
Hubby may have some nice socks by next winter. My god those are going to take forever to knit.

lkmanitou said...

Thanks for feeding my blog; it has been mighty hungry lately. Hope it didn't snap at your fingers, comments are its favorite snack.

I think I need to start keeping a smaller project in the works, too because the shawl and socks are taking FOREVER! Elsewise, my next few weeks of blog updates will be, "They look the same, just longer".