Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oh, the Humanity

The Scene: Last Saturday night, our laundry room. Enter tired knitter to take out a load of delicates including the superwash wool Olympic socks (her first pair. Mood is hopeful.

Knitter: Hrm, these sweaters said "Handwash Only" but they're made from cotton. I say that's safe for the washer and dryer.

Knitter takes 3 sweaters out of the washer

Knitter: Cool, sweaters came out ok. Just lemme grab my socks from the bottom of the basin.

Knitter stretches over the washer, grabs the socks, and a look of horror comes over her face. She holds one of the socks in front of her face; its nearly as big as her head.

Knitter: OMG! These socks are big enough for an elephant and are paper thin and holey!

Knitter tries desperately to smush the socks back into shape for drying. Five minutes pass and the socks are nearly dry and no smaller.

Knitter: Crap! I have to shrink these. How can I shrink these??

Knitter looks to her right and sees the destroyer of many well fitting clothes, the dryer

Knitter: Well, they have to get smaller somehow.

Knitter hopefully chucks the socks into the dryer. Ten minutes later.

Knitter: Eureka! My socks are whole and human-sized again! Thanks, dryer!!

Close scene, Knitter exit stage laundry room door

One major lesson learned by me, Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock yarn should be knit on needles smaller than US#2.


purlewe said...

glad it all came out ok in the end.